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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I lodge my complaint pertaining to my Baggage and claims thereof or Customer services or Confirmations or Bookings / re-bookings, refunds or Onboard Services or Behaviour of Ground Staff or Inflight Crew?

Answer: No. Vigilance only investigates complaints pertaining to demand and / or acceptance of a BRIBE or GRATIFICATION in any form or kind for providing any service.

Question: Will Vigilance take up investigations if I complain about someone who habitually reports drunk or who habitually reports late to work or who abuses employees of the opposite sex?

Answer: No. CVO is empowered to investigate complaints within the definition of Vigilance angle defined by the CVC (available on CVC’s website Complaints pertaining to drunkenness and habitual late reporting are administrative in nature and Vigilance will only forward such complaints to the concerned administrative authority. Complaints pertaining to sexual harassment will be forwarded to the designated committee set-up by Headquarters.

For redressal of complaints pertaining to problems not involving corrupt practices please write to or or